FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – J1939 multiplexing

J1939 Multiplexing System

MREED CITY, MI – Smart Power® Systems, a leading manufacturer of hydraulic generator systems, announced today that its full line of generators and integrated generator/rescue pump systems will be equipped with communications capabilities with all SAE J1939 vehicle multiplexing systems. This industry-first innovation will allow fire apparatus operators to view and control all Smart Power generator functions from the multiplexing system display located in the truck cab, including generator prognostic & diagnostic features.

Smart Power’s exclusive ECU (Electronic Control Unit) has been revised to provide full generator functionality access from the vehicle’s multiplexing display. Generator performance data such as voltage, frequency, current load, and oil temperature can be monitored in real-time in the cab, as can system alerts for high temperature, low oil, current overload, oil filter change, and many prognostic and diagnostic messages. These generators feature automatic shutdown capability in the event of any condition that can potentially damage the generator, saving repair costs and downtime.

Another Smart Power exclusive is the system’s ability to store historical data of the performance and condition of the generator, this history can be accessed from the multiplexing display in the cab. This critical information can be displayed in easy-to-read messages, so that the operator can take immediate action if needed. Additionally, Smart Power’s 24-hour Service Hotline phone number can be displayed simultaneously to assist in the diagnosis and repair of any generator issue that arises.

This new J1939 capability is available on all Smart Power generators. Fire departments requiring full generator functionality integrated with the vehicle’s multiplexing system should indicate “Smart Power J1939” on the truck specification prior to placing the order with the truck builder.

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