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Smart Power Systems is a subsidiary of Nartron Corporation, a 46 year-old high technology company. Nartron was recently named as "One of America's 50 most innovative companies" by Inc. Magazine and has been a long-term supplier to the United States military. Nartron holds hundreds of patents and sells sense and control system hardware to major automotive, motorcycle, heavy equipment and appliance manufacturers, as and many other industries.
About Us
Smart Power Systems began making hydraulic generators for the fire industry in 1995. Initial systems were open framed basic systems ranging from 5.5kW to 10kW.

In 1998, improvements were made to the voltage regulation system improving power output characteristics. 2001 brought the introduction of the Top Mount series, specifically designed to be mounted on the top of a vehicle. This innovative design remains a Smart Power staple still today, exhausting the hot exhaust wire straight up through walking grate. This design virtually eliminates recirculation and allows for smaller clearances around the tray assembly, leaving more room for other equipment.

Early in 2003, all Smart Power Systems went to electronic control. Bringing Nartron's high technology and electronic sense and control system background to the hydraulic generators introduced new features to the industry that are still unmatched today. These features include our fine-tuned frequency control, innovative soft start, built-in service reminders, complete system self diagnostics, cold oil protection, and automated shutdowns for extreme conditions such as overheat, overload, and low fluid. 2003 also brought the addition of a 15kW system to the Smart Power line-up.

In 2004, the ER Series was released, replacing the dated open frame systems, providing superior protection from extreme operation environments as well as increased cooling capability. This new tray assembly was also adapted for the LR Series, which is capable of providing 6.2kW or 8kW to light rescue vehicles such as the F-550, Hummer H1, GMC3500-5500 and others. Using a much smaller gear pump to provide the necessary flow solved what had become a major industry product shortage.

2005 saw another update in electronics innovation. This time it meant providing a means to connect the generator to the vehicle multiplexing systems. Smart Power's J1939 Multiplexing Interface Module solved this by converting our already existing electronic communications to the SAE standard J1939 coding language, which all vehicle multiplexing systems use as their standard protocol.

In 2006, we introduced the HR Series, replacement to the popular top mount system. The HR brought with it an even smaller package size, lower airflow clearance requirements, and the ability to to easily separate the main components (base tray assembly, cooler box, and reservoir) for mounting in very difficult applications. Other big news with the HR release was the addition of the 20kW, 25kW, and 30kW. these generators can be mounted in even the tightest out-of-the-way locations that exist in any truck.

In 2009, we released the Liberator Series generator, a patented new system integrating our industry-leading hydraulic generators with a rescue tool pump system from XRT Power Systems, all-in-one compact assembly. The XRT pumps are capable of running any existing hydraulic rescue tools, and directly coupled to our heavy-duty hydraulic system, are more powerful than conventional electric or gas driven power systems. The Liberator is available with 10kW, 15kW, or 20kW of electrical output, plus 1, 2, or 3 rescue tool circuits. all equipment can be run at maximum capacity simultaneously, with no loss of performance. This system hit the fire industry with such force that is was recognized by Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment magazine, arming their award for "Best New Apparatus Component".

Smart Power is committed to continuous improvement and product innovation. For any additional information, please contact Smart Power and we will be happy to assist you further.

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Smart Power Systems ®

5000 North US-131 Reed City, MI 49677
Ph: 231.832.5525
Fax: 231.832.3876